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Wolfie (@CatizenSmith on Twitter and a very proud member of the #wlf for whom he was named) came to WLF Rescue when he was just a 1 year old. He had been living as a stray, breaking into people's houses and stealing their cats' food. He was known as 'The Beast of Newtown' because he had to fight for every mouthful. He pretty soon turned into a most loving, handsome chap and very much Mr Tibbs' 2nd in command. He absolutely revered Tibbsy. Not long after he came here we noticed he had a lump on his front leg, close to his paw, which was worrying him. Tests revealed the lump to be an aggressive tumour and his leg was removed to save his life. Wolfie became a very active tri-pawd and, just the day after his op, was racing up and down the stairs. He also became very well known on Twitter and, just like Tibbsy, has thousands of followers there. Sadly, some 4 years later, Wolfie's cancer was found to have spread and, in 2016, he went #OTRB (over the Rainbow Bridge) wrapped in his mumstaff's arms. It was indeed a very sad day for us all. He was quite a character was our Wolfie and this page is dedicated to his memory.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                    Our Wolfie ♥

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