WLF Rescue & Sanctuary

Dogs have owners, cats have staff!
WLF Rescue & Sanctuary is a home-based animal rescue & sanctuary specialising in old, infirm or difficult cats who would otherwise have nowhere else to go. We do all we can to make them fit and healthy and find them a loving new home. However, for some cats, a forever home of their own is not an option so they join our happy band of much loved waifs and strays and will have a home here with us forever. They are collectively know as 'the gang' and Mr Tibbs himself is undisputed top cat. Some of the gang can be seen on Wolfie's Waifs & Strays page here.

WLF and what it means. 
The #WLF (Whiskers Liberation Front) is a collective of caring, animal minded people on Twitter and Facebook. There are thousands of members from all over the world and from all walks of life and we are very proud to be counted amongst their number. The #WLF was the foundation for and inspiration behind WLF Rescue & Sanctuary and the love and support from the membership is what has kept us going. You can meet some of our #WLF friends here.

Mr Tibbs Pet Foods
'Better for less' 

Mr Tibbs Pet Foods came about because we needed to find a much better quality pet food at a price we could afford to feed the gang here and we needed to ensure it was hypoallergenic to cope with the various needs of the animals in our care. Our search led us to the start of our own brand 'Mr Tibbs Pet Foods' for cats and dogs and means we can now feed a much better, healthier and more nutritious diet which actually costs us less. The gang are very happy and so are we.  As a result, many of our fellow rescuers and animal loving friends around the UK asked us to make our pet foods available to them too, which we were happy to do. We are very proud of our cat and dog foods, all of which are complete and nutritionally balanced diets for cats and dogs of all ages and lifestyles and we are so pleased to be able to make the whole range available to everyone.

Our Feline Purrfection & Pawsome Pooch pet food recipes come in a variety of different bag sizes, from 2kg to 15kg, including Working & Sporting Dog 15kg bags which, despite the name, are available to all. Every kilo sold earns some pennies for our rescue, so we can continue looking after the cats in our care and others who need our help.

We do so hope your pet will enjoy our cat & dog foods as much as the gang here​​​​​​ do and that you will tell all your friends too. 

Thanks for visiting our website - please do come back again soon.

Jakki ~ Mumstaff to Mr Tibbs & the gang.