I am Mr Tibbs and I am ‘the cat in charge’ at WLF Rescue & Sanctuary, a home based animal rescue & sanctuary in Colchester, Britain’s oldest recorded town. Me and my pals (the gang) are very well looked after and much loved by our staff, who live here with us and pander to our every need, as is only right and proper. 

Of course, running an animal rescue is hard work, sometimes I am quite exhausted by overseeing everything and am relieved to finally be able to sit in my armchair and enjoy a nice glass of niptini at the end of a busy day. I am also Chief Food & Sleep Correspondent and write my own, very popular column in the local magazines my staff produce to help fund our rescue, so I am kept very much on the go. This important job means I am always looking out for the very best noms for me and the rest of the gang to try but often, these are out of our price range entirely. I know there are lots of staff throughout the UK who also want the best for their anipals, but find the prices somewhat daunting too. So, I asked my staff to look into this and guess what, they have sourced a complete range of dried foods for us cats and our doggy pals which are not just purrfectly, pawsomely nommy but are also very affordable.

So, here we are, the whole range is now available to all our pals in the UK and, this is the important bit, it is NAMED AFTER ME!!!! (What else could they call it mol mol mol?). All the different foods have been tried, tasted and approved by the gang (and some doggy pals of ours) and each bag carries our WLF stamp of approval. Every kilo sold brings in some pennies for our rescue which means we can continue helping anipals in need. I hope you will all ask your staff to buy some so you can try them too pals and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Happy nomming.


PS If you are wondering about the name of our rescue, it is called WLF (Whiskers Liberation Front) after a wonderful, worldwide group of like minded anipals on Facebook and Twitter. #WLF has thousands of members who, like us, are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of anipals everywhere. You can meet some of them here #VIVA #WLF