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ADULT - Salmon
ADULT - Turkey
ADULT - Mixed packs
KITTEN - Chicken & Salmon

Hypoallergenic recipe without grains.
High meat content with a minimum of 60% Turkey or Salmon (75% Chicken & Salmon for kittens), human grade *freshly prepared and dried.
Low fat.
Added Omega 3 Supplement.
No added artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.
Vet approved gentle formula.
Natural, complete and balanced diet for all types of cats.

*Freshly prepared is a term used for fresh human grade meat, poultry or fish which is cooked slowly to retain more of the natural goodness, taste and aroma to give your cat a healthier, more enjoyable meal time.

Cranberries: Cranberries have a high content of vitamin C and antimicrobial properties. In medicine, cranberries can be applied to treat bladder and kidney infections. When used in cat diets the valuable contents of the berry may aid the prevention of urinary tract infections.