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Here at WLF Rescue, we know only too well that cats have complex nutritional requirements and cannot be fed the same food as dogs. Cats are carnivores with a relatively high protein requirement and need highly digestible meats, along with a range of vitamins and minerals, including Taurine (for healthy eyes, ears, heart and immune function), Arginine, Vitamin A and Niacin all of which they are unable to produce for themselves  By feeding a complete and balanced kitten or cat food from one of our Feline Purrfection ranges, which provide all these essential nutrients, cats can live a long, happy and healthy life, which is what we all want for our beloved pets.

We have 3 cat food ranges, to suit all budgets and requirements. They are all complete & balanced diets, providing your cat or kitten with everything they need to stay fit, healthy and happy. All of these recipes have been tried and tasted by our happy gang here and all have been given our WLF stamp of approval.

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